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Learning programs

Individual Education Programs (IEPs) and Individual Transition Programs (ITPs) are implemented in the key learning areas (KLAs).

Collaborative curriculum planning involving a team of people who have significant knowledge and understanding of the student, including parent/carers, teachers, community service providers and the student themselves, is undertaken to determine the most appropriate curriculum option, learning goals and adjustments.

Learning is achieved through the application of adjustments to teaching and learning and may include:

  • adjustments to classroom organisation
  • identifying materials and resources that support teaching and learning activities, including but not limited to the use of technology, alternate formats such as large print or Braille, simplified texts, modifications to equipment or furniture and adjustments to enable participation in community access and excursions.
  • adjustments to the amount of content to be covered in a particular lesson or unit or the time allocated to complete work
  • consideration of students' individual communication strategies, including verbal and non-verbal communication systems.
  • an additional demonstration of key concepts and skills by the teacher, School Learning Support Officer (SLSO) or a peer.
  • a range of appropriate learning activities with structured opportunities for guided and independent practice, as well as effective feedback.

Like all NSW schools, we have developed teaching and learning programs to suit our local context and the needs of our students.

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