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Students' awards

At Les Powell School we believe it is very important to recognise and celebrate student development and achievements.

Good behaviour and good work bring about positive consequences.

It encourages students in the classroom to participate in creating a positive learning environment. We want our students to feel confident about themselves, have high self-esteem and most of all to feel happy and secure.

We place a high value on developing positive attitudes to learning and personal qualities.

We constantly praise our students' efforts and successes in the classroom and community. This scheme aims to recognise and improve students' learning and support achievements by:

  • promoting the importance of recognising students' achievements among teaching staff and the community in general.
  • rewarding student growth across all areas of their individual learning and support programs.
  • encouraging positive behaviour, attitude and manners towards peers, teaching staff and community members.
  • making teaching staff aware of a positive reinforcement system to praise students' progress in all areas of their individual learning and support programs.
  • creating consistency across school about procedures and practices.